Sampson is one gorgeous hunk of a big fluffy dog! We suspect he may have a Great Pyr ancestor somewhere in his family tree. He is loving and calm and friendly. He likes other friendly dogs and people. He would probably enjoy a playful dog buddy (would have to be sturdy!) and his size might be too much for very young children. Sampson’s original owner passed away and he lived on his own for awhile. An 88 year old neighbor eventually took him in and kept him strictly outdoors. Sampson wants to be near his people and was lonely. The gentleman had him for a year, treated him for heartworm disease (treatment is complete, he’s been on flea and hw preventative, and he will be due for a follow up re-test in May) but eventually decided he was no longer able to care for him and surrendered him to a shelter. He was quickly adopted by a young couple, but because they lived in an apartment and both work full time, decided a dog was not a great idea for them either, so Sampson came to us. He is a love. He enjoys romping around the yard, going for walks (good on a leash), and hanging out for TV time. He has gotten on well with his foster sis, but she is not interested in play. Sampson is 4 years old, probably 75-80 pounds, healthy, up to date, house trained, good in the car.