Scooter is a true sweetheart! He is blind from glaucoma, but doesn’t let that get in his way much. His first two days in foster he mapped the house and yard, decided leash walks are the best thing ever, enjoyed car rides, behaved himself perfectly, adapted to the family routine, met other dogs politely, and appreciated all attention. Other than glaucoma, he is healthy, up to date on shots, hw negative and on preventatives, neutered and microchipped. Scooter is 48 pounds, and believed to be about 8 years old, so has many years of love to give. He is good on a leash, has lovely house manners, and knows how to be a GOOD boy!

Before adoption, Scooter will have surgery to remove both eyes, saving him from ongoing pain and eliminating the need for daily medication. Silicone implants will be inserted behind his closed lids to give him a more normal appearance (as though his eyes are simply closed). Sight is a dog’s least important sense and Scooter is perfectly happy to ‘view’ the world primarily through his nose and ears. He gets around the house and fenced yard quite well off leash, and on walks, is very comfortable relying on cues from the leash. He can get into and out of the car on his own. He manages stairs remarkably well, but should probably not have to deal with long flights of steep uncarpeted ones. We tried a game of fetch and he seems to know the rules. Several of our blind fosters have been quite gifted at the game!

He absolutely loves his humans and prefers to be near them, though he is fine being left alone when necessary. He enjoys gardening, puttering, watching TV and taking road trips almost as much as more active pursuits. He would be an ideal companion for a retired person or couple and probably be equally happy in a condo or apartment with regular leash walks or a home with a fenced backyard. He would not be a great fit for young children, fragile elderly people (especially with poor eyesight), or a high energy environment. Cats might be okay. He ignored them at the shelter and the vet, but that isn’t always a guarantee…. A physical fence is a must if he is to be outdoors off leash!

Scooter would be a great family member for someone wanting a gentle, quiet, well behaved dog who knows how to give and receive love!