My name is Zeke.  I know I don’t look like it, but I really am only ten months old.  A month ago, the person I knew my whole life (since I left my Momma dog), left me at the shelter.  I was so scared, I snapped at a lot of people so they called me aggressive and put me in with the loud dogs.  They didn’t know I talk and show my teeth. This lady came and looked at me with her son, but I couldn’t let her see how scared I was.  She rubbed me all over and it felt so good, I let my guard down.  She held my head and made me look her in the eyes and told me it was time to get me home.  She left, but I could still see her and I barked and whined and pleaded. Please, I’ll be good! Don’t leave me!  It seemed like forever, but soon I was taken away from the loud dogs, and there she was again. She put me in her car and started to drive.  I was so happy to leave that place.

My new Mom took me to her home, where I met my friend Mischief. She is short and bossy. But she lets me play with her.  Then I met Stryker. He is a cat.  I never saw a cat before.  He gets to climb on the table, but I was told not to get up there.  Sometimes when Mischief won’t play with me, I try to get him to run.  He doesn’t.  He is boring.

My Mom says I need to learn to control my body.  Flinging myself everywhere with wild abandon apparently is frowned upon when you are in a house. Cuddling is kind of nice though.  I never sit still very long.  I can’t help it, I want to play.  And I get bored.  Mischief keeps all the toys, but I do have some in my crate.  Most the time I am left in the bedroom whenever the people are gone.  Sometimes I stay in my crate, since I have to learn to be calm.  But I love to play, and follow people to see what they are doing. One day short people came to play! They were lots of fun.

Mom says I need to make a wish list for my fur ever home.  So here goes.  I want someone who I can play with, sleep with and cuddle.  Loud noises don’t bother me (Mom says she will watch me during the Fireworks).  I don’t mind getting a bath and try to sit still for that. I will need to be brushed since I have a long haired coat, and my hair tries to get tangled a lot.  I don’t mind other people coming over, but please tell them to give me a little space at first.  I know I look like a dog, but I still get scared and need someone to remember I’m still a puppy.  I have long legs and like to run, but Mom says my “surrender file” says I would  chase cars.  I am mindful of Mischief, since she is older.  Like I said she is bossy.  Maybe a friend that isn’t as bossy as her would be alright. I think the cat is very cool.  And the short people were lots of fun. They throw tennis balls.  I love chasing those.

I know how to sit for my dinner, shake your paw, lay down and stay.  Roll over is fun!  I think I’m pretty good at it, but Mom shakes her head and says to do slower. I still have a lot to learn.  I will chase a stick, ball, frisbee, but I’m not quite understanding why you want it back since you threw it away.  I will be your best friend, follow you if you let me and grin at you when you are home.  I have the yellowest amber eyes and softest fur and ears. I will try my best to be a good boy. And yes, I am house trained, I don’t mark and I am crate trained too.  I like to give hugs, but Mom makes me keep my paws on the ground. She says I might knock the short people over and that is not good.  I hope you are looking for a good boy! I know I can be one and maybe you can be my new people.