Bailey is a 2-year-old male border collie. He is 50lbs. He is an active pet but is very food and toy motivated so he also could be a good sport dog. He is very easy to train and comes when called. He would do best in a home with female dogs. He would love to have at least one dog to live and play with. He is ok with males but does not tolerate males mounting him. He seems interested in the outside cat but has not been aggressive with it. He does well in a crate when no one is home and on car rides. He does get car sick. On short trips, it is just a lot of drool. He was ok around a small dog but did not show interest in playing with the small dog. He does well in a 4ft fence and is house trained.

He is a dog that loves life! He gets so excited to get up in the morning and when you come home he sings about how happy he is and can get a little mouthy.