Adopted: Blue has found his forever home. We wish him the very best life possible.

Blue was one of ten Border Collies rescued from a pretty awful situation in Mississippi. As first responders, the Humane Society of Hub City provided a safe haven: food and shelter, veterinary care and an introduction to a different kind of life, one with kindness and security (food security) that the dogs could learn to rely on. Hats off to this wonderful group of people! After about a month, legal proceedings had been resolved and all ten Border Collies found foster spots.

Blue came to our place, a CBCR foster home, on March 2nd. Everything was new and scary, even ordinary things. While walking on the gravel drive was all right, stepping on the dry leaves, on the edge of the drive, was scary. The creek, with water splashing along the way, was super scary. I don’t think he had ever been out of a pen.. People were scary monsters. Treats were scary traps. The only safe spot was a crate. I really wondered if he would ever be able to bond with a person.

Here we are, a month and a half later and you can see from the photos, that a transformation has taken place. He has settled into a routine, and yes, he can bond with a person. Blue’s puppy self has appeared, no longer too afraid to have fun. He loves other dogs, going for hikes and playing in water. People on the other hand, are a little scary still, but hey, they give treats!! That said, Blue is more inclined to like female humans than males. Little by little, we are working on this. He is on the path to accepting that my husband is really not all that bad (still in process).

Not only has Blue overcome his fear of water, he loves it! With all the recent rain, our pond has gotten deep enough for a dog-paddle swim. He is an expert swimmer. Go figure.