Adopted – Eli has found his forever home. We wish him the very best life possible.

Eli is 8 months old up to date on vaccinations, neutered and already microchipped. He is doing very well on house breaking and mostly crate trained.

Eli likes to fetch and snuggle. He is the most affection foster I have ever had. He is also food motivated and praise motivated. Just petting Eli is a huge reward for him. Basically wherever I go Eli wants to go to. His one down side is he also likes cats. He doesn’t hurt them but does enjoy chasing them around and pestering them when he is bored. I am not saying he can’t go to a home with cats but he will need the right home to train Eli to “leave it” or walk away and provide him with other things to do. So far Eli tries to play rough but he does well with other dogs. Once they correct Eli appropriately he will back off. If he is with an elderly dog that won’t correct him he will likely annoy them because is he young and finds that fun.

Eli is still learning what is an appropriate dog toy and what‘a not. As in, I keep a close eye on my shoes and the couch cushions. He is a mostly grown puppy that is learning the world. New situations scare him at first but once he sees it once he grows confidence quickly. Right now we are working on recall, wait at the door, leave it and car rides. He just lays down quietly in car rides but still gets car sick. We are hoping short rides will help to over come this so Eli can see the world comfortably.

Eli is really for a home. He needs a family that will exercise him, slowly expose him to life, be patient with him as he is trained and snuggle with him daily. If you don’t plan on Eli being on your furniture I wouldn’t apply. This dog is all about jumping on the couch with you and snuggling. It will be very hard to break this habit.