Georgie ( It’s a girl! )

Georgie came to our rescue as a true feral dog. It appears she has had no human contact. At intake, she was skinny, mange infested and terrified of humans and structured surroundings. But even in her most terrified moments, never exhibited a bit of aggression. Georgie is now free of mange and well on the road to socialization. This little gem is quiet, very timid and so thankful for a warm and cozy environment, soft touches and a low reassuring voice….and Frisbee! She will want and need to bond with her person, which takes about two weeks of multiple soft rubs and low verbalizations. After that you are her everything and the stage is set to enjoy her and continue on with her progress. Georgie follows her foster Mom from room to room, opts to sleep by her bed, eats out of her hand, etc. A home without children would be best for Georgie at least until she is fully rehabilitated. She seldom fully approaches her person for attention, but clearly wants the human contact so turns, walks a few feet away, then faces you and waits for you to come to her. That last 6 feet is still a little hard for her. It will take time and trust.

Sudden, odd human made sounds can alarm her, but she is just fine with sudden, loud dog barking and other farm animal noises. Oddly enough, gunshots (and the tractor noise) do not faze her and I therefore think she will not mind thunder. Georgie is fine with cats and loves to ride in the car. She shows no herding interest.

This little girl has not had formal house training, but she is used to doing her business outside and will always do so if left out often enough and the snow is not too deep! Her foster Mom attempted to teach her commands but realized it was a bit too early. It made her nervous although it was obvious she wanted to please. But with that said, she knows the meaning of ‘come here, house, outside, supper, treat, this way’.

Georgie certainly needs another active canine companion of similar age. They seem to be therapeutic for her and help teach her how to be a dog in the people world. A huge component of the rehab process has been to provide her with adequate exercise. She loves to run full speed ahead with her friends who are chasing a Frisbee. She now even initiates play with her friends, a huge step for a feral dog in a people world.

Georgie is heartworm negative, spayed, up to date on immunizations and microchipped.

Her adopter’s success with Georgie lies almost exclusively in developing a strong bond from the start.Once that bond is consummated, the rest falls in place and it is so much fun to watch her progress. Developing that bond doesn’t require a degree. It simply entails getting down on her level and giving her soft touches while talking in a low steady voice……many, many times a day. That’s it! Nothing more complicated than that and the rewards are enormous.

All in all we have a precious little girl who is bound to be so pretty once her hair grows fully back. Georgie asks for very little and is a joy to have around. If you know her, you love her, she makes it happen.

If you think you may be that special and patient person for this little girl, Georgie is waiting for you. There’s lots more to tell!