Adopted: Jazz has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Jazz is back! She is a beautiful girl, so very smart, incredibly athletic, and the most affectionate loving girl you could ever meet.

So, what’s the bad news?

Jasmine’s History:
Jasmine was purchased by a family in North Carolina from an out of state breeder. Moving from a farm-like environment to her new home was a difficult adjustment. Jazz’s coping strategy was to air snap when feeling stressed. Although she never made contact, never bit, with children in the home, the owner felt it would be best to return Jazz to the breeder. The breeder would not take Jazz back and recommended putting her down.

Fortunately, the owner was able to find a temporary place for her with a trainer who recognized Jazz’s reactivity as her way of dealing with uncomfortable situations. With calm corrections, lots of exercise and activity, Jazz learned to relax and allow her sweet personality to emerge. The trainer contacted a CBCR volunteer and Jazz was brought into the rescue.

For the first couple of days in her foster home, Jazz fell back on old habits and gave the evil eye to all the dogs in the house. She took human corrections well and dog corrections even better. With consistency and a lot of energy expelling exercise, in less than a week she was back to her happy self, getting along with most of her, 13 dog foster pack.

Jazz was adopted to a wonderful home in December of 2018. She adored her new person and he her. What we thought was her most compelling trait, devotion to her person, proved to be her downfall. Unfortunately, Jasmine’s adoration turned to possessiveness. She would “resource guard” this person and not allow any other dog to come close to him. She made life pretty miserable for the other two family dogs so she was returned.

Jasmine Today:

As the first time she arrived in her foster home, when Jazz returned, she was a little stinker, doing her best to dominate the other dogs. (Interestingly, she has never bothered our very old, disabled dogs.)

We were determined to not allow her to feel “special” in any way. She was not allowed privileges the other dogs enjoyed. She could not be on the furniture, she was not allowed on the bed, she had to sleep in her crate, she ate last and so forth. This was not easy! She is so sweet to people and so wanted to be close to us, and, she has the most amazing dark eyes.

Jazmine quickly learned her place and has been a pretty good little girl. We have never had to separate her from our other dogs. She has a couple of best friends, a Pug Mix and a little working BC. There is only one dog among the other 13 in her foster family that she does not get along with well. This particular dog is at least 50 percent responsible for their incompatibility.

Jazz has no problem with any type of handling, teeth, feet, paws, etc. She loves to cuddle and doesn’t mind being picked up. Jasmine is reliably house trained and crate trained. She is still a puppy and pretty good at finding her own “toys”, (magazines and shoes especially), so it is important to provide her with a variety of appropriate things to chew. Her previous counter-surfing was corrected during her time with her adopter and has not been a problem since her return.

Jasmine will not be placed in a home with children under 16. Her affectionate nature can be too much for youngsters. She will also not be placed in a home with an invisible electric fence. She needs a firm but gentle hand and someone willing to take the time to help her direct her energy and smarts in a positive way.

We feel that she will do best in a home with at least one other dog. An assertive dominant male might be best. As an only dog, she may fall back into old patterns of mom or dad’s little princess. She also needs a home that will provide her with a great deal of exercise. Jasmine is small but of sturdy build. She is an amazing athlete. Her ability to jump tall buildings will also necessitate a tall fence!