Katie came to CBCR as the youngest of ten purebred Border Collies extracted from a hoarding case in Mississippi.

Of course, she was frightened a first, but as time went on, let down her guard and is at ease now. She is still just a little wary of men, but that is dissipating. She is so very typical Border Collie and has all the attributes we love in this breed. Friendly, loving, sticks with her owner, fun, sharp as a tack, and energetic! She exhibits the Border Collie crouch, focus and stare. She loves her 3 canine friends she lives with and is always up for play, chase and wrestle. At this age, she does best with a routine and one that involves a lot of full speed ahead running. Frisbee is one of her passions and will retrieve, bring it back to her person and drop it. She doesn’t like to share it with her canine friends and prances among them with the disc in her mouth touting “It’s mine”. She loves car rides and has a taste for rabbits, so I doubt she would do well with cats.
Kids? Well just let me say 2 things: #1 Katie is pure Border Collie #2 Still a puppy. Consequently, she will nip when she gets excited and forgets not to do that. At this age, she is not appropriate for children.

Katie likes her crate but does not like to stay in it for a substantial amount of time….she has too much to do and check on. Same with toys, just can’t be bothered. She is housetrained but does not give a signal when she needs to go out. Trust worthy in the house, does not chew furniture, etc. She prefers to sleep by the bed of her owner.

She is fully vaccinated and heartworm negative. We haven’t spayed Katie yet because of her age (waiting until after the first heat to minimize risk of future potential health problems). Per CBCR agreement, adopters will be required to deposit $100, which is fully refundable once proof of spay is provided.

I am so glad CBCR was able to rescue this lovely little girl from the trash, filth and confinement. This little girl has everything in the world to offer. Guaranteed, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her she is so irresistible, fun, loving and beautiful! She will be one of the best things that ever happened to a very lucky person.