Loving, beautiful and smart, this little dog would make a great family dog (as long as no cats were involved).  She was returned to CBCR from a wonderful adopter, because the family cat was killed and Maple was the culprit. This was a tragedy all the way around.

When Maple came to CBCR the first time, she had an injury to her front right leg.  Her first adopter was a veterinarian and I will paste in what she has to say about Maple’s injury and treatment:

Her right front leg was severely injured prior to being removed from her first home by a court. She had an old fracture of her radius that prematurely closed a growth plate and caused dystrophy of her elbow. She had a large soft tissue wound on that leg as well . She had a small piece of her ulna removed to allow her elbow to become as normal as possible. The bone has grown back so looks fairly normal on x-ray. Outwardly, you will only see a nasty scar on her leg, but after extreme exertion she may show lameness in that leg from her elbow. She needs to be on joint supplements for her entire life to help keep this joint as healthy as possible.

She is incredibly food motivated and eats 1 cup twice daily of Royal Canin prescription joint food. She also gets a daily fish oil supplement. If you don’t keep her on the prescription joint formula food, you will need to add a glucosamine chondroitin supplement and a fish oil supplement to her diet.

This is what her foster mom says:

Sweet, beautiful, loving and smart, that is Maple in a nutshell.  She is not a Border Collie, instead her behavior is more Spaniel / Setter- like.   She has already mastered the spiral staircase and (of course) the dog door. Just like her previous foster mom said in one of her first e-mails about Maple (Lyric), “she is whip-smart”.

Because of her injured front leg (now, healed as much as it will ever be) she could not be expected to compete in activities that involved a lot of running.  However, she would make a wonderful companion or family dog. She travels well in a car, and is very accustomed to children.

Now she is back in foster care, and knowing a little more about her, we hope to find another perfect home, this time, one without cats or other small animals.