Special needs: Ellie (formerly Rosie) underwent amputation of her left hind leg and still requires weekly dressing changes and daily medication for the wound. Please don’t let this deter you! She’ll soon be healed and if she’s the right dog for you in all other ways, we want to know! She’ll need carpet pathways to get through the house but has otherwise fully adapted to her amputation. At some point, she may benefit from daily medication for her arthritis, but right now is doing fine without it.

Ellie is a sweet older female who came to us via South Carolina where she was obviously hit by a car and abandoned. The car did significant damage to her pelvis and an attempt to stabilize the injury and save her leg didn’t work. Soon after arriving in her foster home, she underwent an amputation to allow her to ambulate with less pain. Doctors were worried because her remaining hip has arthritis, but she hasn’t looked back! Ellie’s favorite things are rambling around the backyard, helping with gardening, and hanging out in the living room with her family and two doggie siblings. She’s about as easy-going as it comes and doesn’t care what’s going on as long as she gets to spend time with her people. Like with any dogs, Ellie has a few quirks that are easy to overcome– she doesn’t like her dog siblings getting too close to her food, and she loves nothing better than a cat walking by. In fact, we knew Ellie was really healing when she started trying to chase the cat through the house! Fortunately, Ellie’s gotten much better about food and we can give everyone treats together but she prefers to eat her meals alone in her room. Ellie’s rehab has progressed really well– she’ll never be one for long walks given the nature of her injury, but she loves to spend time outside and has no issues with controlling her bowel or bladder. We’ve also noticed that Ellie is slightly hard of hearing, but this has significantly improved with treating her ear infections and cleaning them out. It’s not a hindrance on her day-to-day life and she can hear most things just fine as long as the background isn’t raucous.

Ellie would love a home where someone is available throughout the day to love her and feed her snacks, but has done well with our 8-5 lifestyle. She’d prefer a fenced-in backyard or a more rural area so she can hang out outside. She really seems to enjoy her canine companions and loves meeting other dogs, so a brother/sister or frequent trips to a dog park for her to socialize would enhance her life. Our dog-savvy cats aren’t bothered by her attempts to chase, but I wouldn’t recommend her for a novice or entirely indoor cat. If you’re looking for a hiking or running companion, Ellie won’t be able to keep up with that lifestyle. If you’re looking for a loving, low-maintenance dog who’s down for companionship, snuggling, and the occasional trip, this is your girl. Ellie hasn’t been tested with kids extensively but has liked the ones she’s met outside of the house. She might not thrive in a home with younger kids, but we’re willing to meet with you and see!