When we first agreed to foster Scout, he had had recent surgery to put a steel plate into a fractured leg. He’d been on his own long enough for the leg to heal incorrectly, so the surgery was a big deal. He arrived tentatively using the leg. Now, he’s chasing birds and squirrels.

Scout has an amazing skill finding things in nature to keep himself busy. Sticks, snakes, lizards, squirrels, fiddler crab, flies… you name it. Why? When we first brought him home, Scout had to be coaxed (bribed!) to come in the house. We’re guessing that most of his first two years were spent outside in a rural area. The things which baffled him included cars, dog toys, leashes, fences, the comfort of a dog bed, being brushed and people loving on him. Our first signs of light was his resilient spirit and his ability to love. He continues to be a work in progress, but find that he has won our hearts. He is now house trained, a serious lap dog, loves to be brushed, loves to ride in the car and adores everyone he meets, both two and four legged.

We’re still working on some of his less desirable behaviors; jumping up, counter surfing, resource guarding, putting everything in his mouth (tables, chairs, arms, fingers, ankles…). We’re confident he’ll become the proper young man he strives to be.

Scout is going to permanently live the life of an island dog. Beach walks at sunrise every day. Crab hunting during the day. Life is good… for us and for him!