Adopted: Owen has found his forever home. We wish him the very best life possible.

Somebody lost this cute puppy and never came to the shelter to reclaim him.  Now in foster care, Owen (formerly Snoopy) is healthy, cute as he can be and growing like a weed.  He loves people and other dogs; doesn’t notice squirrels, but watch out if you are a butterfly or a bug!  (a toad, a turtle or a houseplant……………)

Owen is well on his way to learning house training.   I have left him, up to 2 ½ hrs in a crate, while I was gone and he didn’t have a problem with that.   He is very quiet at night and settles down quickly.  I usually let him outside around midnight and again in the morning about 5:00.  He has not had an accident in 4 days!  One night, a thunderstorm rolled through.  Owen hid under the bed (very quietly) and that was that.

Owen learns things so quickly, faster than you would in expect in a puppy of his age.  Just in the short time that he has been here, he has figured out how to use the dog door and to sit for a treat.  When treats are handed out, he is learning how to take turns with the other dogs (manners).

Puppies have sharp teeth and sharp toenails and Owen is no exception.  He will learn to hold his punches as he grows up, but for now he would have to be supervised with young children.  He loves to chew, so be ready to redirect him away from your brand new expensive sneakers and favorite baseball cap.  He will happily chew on a more appropriate object.

In a nutshell, he is delightful.