Splash was found as a stray near Oxford NC and nobody came to claim him. CBCR brought him into rescue, where he worked hard to establish himself as the favored prince of the household. Until he felt more accepted, he posted guard in kitchen and growled when any other dog attempted to enter through the dog door. He might do the same in a new environment until he feels safe and well established. New owner is advised to give Splash equal or even extra attention when he first arrives.

At present, Splash interacts with resident and visiting dogs happily and playfully. He learned to sit for treats and for food somewhere, somehow. In fact, he can catch treats in the air, even from bad throws.

He has been house trained (mastered the dog door)from day one. He understands “Off” and “Stop it!” when he jumps up to hug or launches himself onto a counter to feast. When no other dog is available to play, Splash invents games for himself in the fenced yard, running full out till he is exhausted.

Splash’s separation anxiety drives him to grab sentimental items (shoes, gloves, anything his people have touched) and rush with them to his hoarding spot in the yard. It might be wise to crate him if you’re gone for any length of time, but his present foster keeps thinking she’s cleaned up the crime site to perfection (wrongly).

Splash will make a wonderful addition to a household with one or two young, playful dogs, older children and adults. He walks well on leash and greets strangers with hugs and kisses. He gets along well with the cat but should not be trusted with free range chickens. He loves toddlers but may be too affectionate and forward for the equilibrium of the under 3 set.