Adopted: Carme has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Carme is a petite, black & white smooth coat border collie that loves her belly rubs!

She is 5 yrs old and was surrendered to the rescue from the owner’s family. Her owner was an elderly man that passed away and unfortunately no one in the family was prepared to take on Carme. She was kept primarily in a backyard and had a shed to take shelter, but was not kept in the house all that often. She had never played with another dog before she came to our house and met our own border collie. It was clear from the beginning that she needed a little help understanding how to interact with another dog, but with lots of patience she is learning to understand play signals and set her own boundaries when she doesn’t want to play.

She LOVES walks and even does a little happy tap dance with her two front paws when she sees her leash. I walk her twice a day and we go hiking with her on the weekends. She’s excellent on her leash and walks comfortably with her human. She passes other dogs and humans just fine when walking on her leash, but will bark back at another dog if they bark at her first. She does not necessarily need a house with a fenced-in backyard. As long as she gets some exercise on a walk or elsewhere, she is perfectly content sitting by my feet in the afternoons as I work.

Because she was a dog that lived primarily outside and did not socialize with other dogs or many other humans, she is still building up her confidence with unfamiliar circumstances. She loves her own “people” dearly but can be leery when it comes to meeting new people and dogs. With more exposure to this recently, she has become much better with approaching the unfamiliar. Just takes a little patience and understanding to know when she is feeling uncomfortable. When playing with another dog, she shows strong herding tendencies. Luckily, our own dog does not really mind this and will tolerate her running circles around her in the backyard. Not all dogs will tolerate this and may be uncomfortable so a potential adopter should take this into consideration if they have another dog.

In the evenings she wants to be as close to you as possible and will cuddle by your side for hours. She would let you rub her belly all day long. At night, she is crate trained and sleeps quietly. We also utilize the crate when we are out of the house and she willingly goes in and lays down and feels right at home.

She will make a fantastic companion inside the home and will keep her people active outside the home! Her goofy personality and quirks are what make her such a fun dog to be around. With a bit more confidence to build up, she’s well on her way to finding her forever home.