Adopted: Doc has found his forever home. We wish him the very best life possible.

This dog has a lot of kick! Doc will require a home with no cats and no children under 10. He has significant sporting potential, good focus, good food drive, no sense of self preservation, high prey drive, and lots of herding instinct. He could excel as an agility, obedience, coursing, barn hunt, or joring dog with the right training. If he had the opportunity to work stock, I’m sure he’d take to it.

Doc needs daily mental and physical exercise to be happy. Now that he is finished with his heart worm treatment and able to get his steps in, he is a much easier keeper! He will nap and cuddle on the couch after a training session and running around the yard, though he is always ready for more.

Doc gets along well with other dogs and people. He is confident and happy.

Doc is house trained, crate trained, and has a great recall.