Adopted:   Sokka has found his forever home. We wish him the very best life possible.

Sokka (formerly Finn) is a 7-month-old rough coat border collie mix who was a stray for some time (we aren’t sure how long) before ending up in the Pickens County (SC) animal shelter. He was fairly underweight when CBCR picked him up in December, and is still in the process of getting up to the proper weight for his size. I believe he will be a big boy when he fills out – likely at least 60 pounds. While he is house- and crate-trained, he still has a lot to learn about walking on a leash, and due to his strength and high energy, is quite a handful in that regard. He is also not the dog for anyone who likes to be left alone as he will follow you from room to room as you move about the home, but the up side of that is that he’s a big love bucket!

Sokka is VERY active and thrives when he has other dogs to play with, a big yard to run in, and walks at least twice a day. He also loves going for runs! I am still trying to determine whether he would be okay in a home with cats and/or small dogs as he doesn’t quite know his size or strength, although thankfully he does take correction well. He loves children, but perhaps a bit too much – he likes to play rough and would therefore not fit in a home with small children unless he were to immediately receive extensive training and not be left alone with the child[ren].