Adopted:   Carys has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Carys (formerly Juniper) is a gorgeous 5 month old puppy with an unusual challenge: she is deaf in both ears. While this does not bother her at all and even has some advantages (thunderstorms are not a problem for her!), she needs an owner who is dedicated to provide special training to teach her hand signals and who will keep her safe when out and about since she cannot hear traffic, voice commands etc. She will definitely need a home with a fenced in yard. Fortunately, she is super smart and very attentive, she already knows several hand signals and always stays close when outside. Otherwise she is a typical puppy, full of energy, mostly house broken but accidents can happen, loves her toys and the occasional shoe, and is generally just a joy to have around. She gets along well with other dogs and the resident cat in the foster home. Since she can startle when woken up unexpectedly she will not be adopted to a home with small children. Carys has already found a new home with a previously approved CBCR adopter.