Makani and Clementine

Adopted:   Makani and Clementine have found their forever home. We wish them the very best life possible.

Makani – Makani is very active and would be great at agility or fly-ball. She is very fast. She isn’t a jumper so a regular fence will do. Not good on a leash yet but a fast learner. Loves to play. I believe she can be trained to be with cats. She loves to give kisses all the time and is very loving and loyal. She and her sister Clementine need to stay together. They stress if apart.

Clementine – Clementine is the sweetest girl. Very content to just sit by your side but also happy to go out and play ball for hours. Whatever you are doing is what she wants to do. She and Makani need to stay together. They will stress when apart. The perfect home for her is anywhere her sister is. She is great in a crate and goes in when asked. She doesn’t know leash walking yet but learning. She doesn’t know any basic commands but will bring a ball back to you to toss if she feels like it.

Makani and Clementine are from Virginia Beach VA. their owner passed away and they are looking for a forever home together.