Adopted: Piper has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Piper is one-half Border Collie (sire appeared pure Border Collie and dam lab-ish). She got off to a rough start the first 6 months of of her life. Then she got lucky when a kind family took her in. They fed her, vetted and loved her. But as Piper grew older (going on 2 yrs old now), they realized their environment and lifestyle were working against Piper. She was relinquished to CBCR and we are delighted to have her. Her previous anxiety and negative behaviors almost instantly disappeared when she left her situation. What a difference the right environment makes!

Piper loves both people and dogs (cats unknown). She does not have an aggressive bone in her body. She also displays a good balance between activity and calmness.

In the daytime Piper loves to be outside to run and play with our 4 dogs. Outside she is either playing, exploring or waiting on the back porch for me to join her. In the evenings she looks forward to snuggling and watching TV with her special one. She wants very much to sleep in the same room (and preferably the bed) as her special persons. She’s a good dog inside, quiet, calm and non-destructive. She quickly learned her boundaries as to which rooms she is allowed in. She makes a good watch dog. Jumping in the car for a run for groceries is no problem. Piper has not played with toys while she has been her, but she does love chewing on a cow hoof. So far loud noises such as gunshots, blacksmith hammering have not caused her alarm. So, with that info, I am assuming she is not thunder phobic. She does not exhibit herding behavior.

As for house training, before Piper came to us, she was constantly doing her business inside. But since she has come to us, she has always given me a cue that she needs to go outside and has never once had an accident in the house! Yes, what a difference environment makes!

Piper could use a refresher course on basic yard commands. She knows them but she can be stubborn to “come here” every single time.

This little girl loves children, but it’s best she go to a home without children. The reason being when she is outside she can get exuberant, jump up and almost knock a person off their feet. We are working on correcting that behavior and it’s getting better, but she can still get so excited to forget it’s not acceptable.

Piper needs another playful dog to thrive. She also needs a yard large enough that she can break out into a run. The occasional trip to the dog park and short leashed walks are what she failed before so she mustn’t be adopted to a similar situation.

Piper is spayed, up to date on immunizations, heartworm negative, & microchipped

Piper has a great personality and it’s so easy to love her. She returns that love 10 X’s without stipulations. She has been one of my favorite dogs to foster. She is a sweetheart.