Adopted: Rita has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Introducing Rita, our 3.5 yr old bundle of affection. Rita is a Border Collie mix. Fortunately, this sweetie was socialized as a puppy, but as the puppy cuteness waned was turned outside to live with numerous other dogs. Consequently, she came to CBCR with no structure in her life and a mentality that she never had to answer to anything nor anyone. That made our first two weeks a bit rocky! We lived through it and now that Rita is familiar with our routine, gets plenty of exercise and knows what is expected of her, life is so much better. She has come from being an antsy, pacing dog to one that looks forward to coming inside after her exercise session, grabbing a chew toy and quietly enjoys the company of her family. She does require multiple trips outside during the day to check things out so having free access to a back yard would make it much easier on her people. Often, she prefers to lay on the back porch watching the surroundings and patiently waiting for me to come join her. When Rita first got here, she showed us how stubborn she can be by not responding to her name nor any commands we attempted to teach her. But now that she is more at ease with her new surroundings, dogs and family she is responding to her name, come here, this way, etc. Her new family will need to reinforce and expand on her knowledge base and capabilities. She’s a pro at counter surfing, and we’re working on that. I thought we had really made progress until last week she ate the cake batter right out of the bowl while I ran to the basement for a minute. I knew it was her because she wasn’t smart enough to wipe it off her face.

Rita loves exploring the outdoors and takes everything in. She stays close to her people and I feel at ease with her not running off unless she spies wildlife. She needs a good bit of exercise and she loves a good chase and run through the fields with her best canine friend here right at sunset and early morning. Rita tells me apartment living is not for her and to please find her a home with a big back yard. We’ll do Rita!

As the breed goes, Rita likes to herd small animals, therefore young children would not be appropriate for her. She also has a prey drive, would love to get her paws on a cat, then good-bye cat.

Rita exhibits female dominance, therefore she needs a home where she would be either the only dog or with a male of similar or larger size and activity.

Although Rita loves to chew on a chew toy such as a hoof, she has not transferred that activity to destroying furniture. She loves a car ride and doesn’t mind a bit to hang out in the car while I do the shopping. Rita doesn’t get crated here, I have an open crate for her in case she wants to go in; and once in a while she’ll go in to just hang out. Since she is housetrained and not destructive, I don’t have a reason to close her in.

This precious girl is a real lovebug, in fact as I write this she has her head on my lap. She loves people and of all my fosters is certainly the quickest to welcome people she does not know. She will often peek around the corner to see what I’m up to and haven’t gotten myself into any trouble. She will make a lucky person a fine companion.

Rita is spayed, heartworm negative, up-to-date on vaccinations and microchipped.