Adopted: Sage has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Sage is 11 months old, fully vaccinated, and heartworm negative. Sage’s original owner had a 5 year old and a 7 year old, and reports that Sage was very sweet with the kids, but had a little too much energy for their 5 year old. The original owner also surrendered Sage because she would not stay in an unfenced yard. Thus, we are recommending that Sage be placed in a home that has a fully fenced yard (no invisible fences), and if there are children, they should be 8 years or older.

Sage is very sweet with people and can be very affectionate as long as her energy needs are met first. Sage is very playful with other dogs, and has a very confident playstyle. She does best with dogs who are energetic, but don’t take things too seriously. Currently Sage is playing very well with an 11 month old intact Border Collie male and a 12 month old intact Siberian Husky female. In the past she has played very well with a 2-3yr old spayed female Labrador.

When Sage sees other dogs on a walk, she barks at them in an excited way. If the other dog is dog-reactive, Sage tends to be offended by the dog’s response. We are working on Sage’s leash manners. We still strongly recommend that Sage be placed in a home with another dog because she does love other dogs so much. However, the other dog needs to be very dog-friendly.

We do not recommend that Sage be placed in a home with cats or small pets. While we do not have cats in our foster home, Sage does have significant herding (chase) drive.

Sage loves toys and training. Sage is very athletic, and can bounce up on her hind legs like a kangaroo. We think she might make a good tricks or frisbee dog.

We have observed that Sage sometimes guards a water dish from other dogs (by hovering over it and pushing the other dog out of the way), so we recommend that she not be placed with another dog who is a known resource guarder.

Sage needs an owner who will commit to positive-reinforcement training. Sage has been clicker-trained and has learned sit, down, stay, “look” (attention), and “place” (go to a mat). She is crate-trained and house-trained as well. Sage’s training videos are viewable by request by emailing the her foster mom. Any inquiries should be only from candidates with a regular fenced yard, with no children under the age of 8 years of age. We request any interested candidate commit to the training philosophy of positive reinforcement and agree never to use a shock collar, prong collar or choke collar on Sage.