Adopted: Salsa has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Introducing Salsa, a sweet little girl with a lovely demeanor, not to mention her looks! She’s going on 4 yrs old and we think Salsa is a Border Collie/ Aussie cross because of her bobbed tail.

With kind, soft words she quickly bonds to her people and you can always find her by your side. Salsa gets along well with other dogs and especially likes to play with dogs smaller than her. She has plenty of energy and needs to get out multiple times a day for serious exercise. She would make a good running partner for the serious jogger.

Salsa is not particularly interested in toys, nor even frisbee and balls…yet. Unfortunately her canine friends here are so frisbee and ball obsessed that they steal the show and leave her far in the dust. What she does love to do is explore the yard, woods and brush for squirrels, rabbits, deer and fox. Even when we’re all just sitting on the porch, she is keeping a constant vigilance for wildlife. So a fence is an absolute must although a privacy fence may not be best for her as she needs the stimulation derived from visual vigilance. She would be great at nosework.

Salsa walks so well on a leash…until she spies a squirrel. Then she transforms into a bionic dog and it takes a good bit of strength to contain her from charging after whatever. Therefore it would not be a good idea for a child to walk her. She would also need to wear a harness instead of a collar on walks to avoid potential neck injury from sudden charges after wildlife. She would not be good with cats.

In the house, she’s a doll. She willingly goes in her crate but her foster mom has never closed the door. No need to as she is not destructive and is housetrained. She loves car rides too. She has a repertoire of words she’s learned in the short time she’s been with us. She picks up on things fast. She has just started on commands, so training would need to be continued.

Her foster mom expects that she would be good with children, except for leash control, because she hasn’t shown strong herding tendencies and doesn’t mind sharing but she has not been around children to know for sure.

Actually, except for her desire to chase wildlife, Salsa is pretty much a perfect dog.

Yes, she needs a lot of exercise, but that’s the breed characteristic as you know.

Salsa is spayed, heartworm negative, up to date with vaccinations and microchipped.

If you think Salsa may be the dog you’d love to share your life with and vise versa, you are invited to submit an application. Her foster mom is looking for a special someone who would love her as much as she does, regards her as a member of the family and offers lots of exercise. She’s absolutely precious and will return all your love many times over. Someone will be so fortunate!