Adopted:   Tate has found his forever home. We wish him the very best life possible.

If you want to add some excitement and laughter to your household, Tate is your guy. He is still very much a puppy and therefore gets in a lot of mischief if unsupervised.

He will reward you however with the best cuddles and the most adoring looks a dog can possibly provide.

Tate is very active and needs a lot of structure and training. He requires a balanced day-to-day life that exists of exercise, mental stimulation, and quiet time so he can learn to relax at times.

Tate shows some reactivity to cars as he is very afraid of them, however, it is now at a level that is considered manageable and we believe with the right training it will eventually subside.

In his former life, it was said that he is not good with cats. In his foster home, he has not shown much interest in cats or other small critters but because we want to set him up for success we prefer a home without any cats.
He loves children though and would love to find someone to throw the ball for him. A LOT.

Because of his interest in cars and also because he is a great jumper we are in search of a forever home with a 6 ft fence minimum and new parents that already have experience in working with this breed to help him develop in the right direction.

It is not a requirement but we would also prefer a home with a playful K9 companion for Tate.

If you think you might be a good fit all we can say is this: he will turn your life upside down and you will not regret it.