Adopted: Ginger has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Ginger (formerly Tuppence) is an energetic young Border Collie (or Border Collie mix) who would make a wonderful companion for an active person who has time to spend with her. She can go for a walk on a leash, but it is not her favorite activity. She would much rather be free to run after anything that moves: leaves blowing in the wind, squirrels, birds or even that airplane flying overhead. A large fenced yard would be ideal for Ginger, accompanied, of course, by an owner with a good throwing arm.

Beautiful, athletic and healthy, Ginger is a 40 pound, 2 year old, red and white, rough coated female with eyes the color of butterscotch. She is affectionate with people, especially men, and quick to learn new things. In the short time that she has been with us, she has learned house manners, knows how to settle when I am busy and has even learned to sit, lie down and bow for a treat.

Many things are new to her. She is reactive to motion and loud noises and takes some time to learn what those things are. Her reactivity is expressed by barking and chasing the noise/motion makers. The other day, I caught her barking at the birds on the telephone line. The same day, she was chasing a fly in the kitchen, who had appeared out of nowhere.

Ginger is pushy with new dogs and my dogs avoid her. She is untested on cats or children. My guess is that she would chase a cat, and adore a child.

She is crate trained and will sleep through the night in one, although she doesn’t really like to have to get into a crate. The nice thing about a crate though, is that it can provide her with a safe spot, if her reactivity is taking over. I have used a covered crate successfully to transport her in a car, through heavy traffic. I also used a covered crate to insulate her from a passing thunderstorm.

Ginger is going to be a joy for someone. She is plenty quirky and lovable and it might take an experienced Border Collie owner to dance her dance.

No hidden fences/ electric shock collars for Ginger. That was actually how she ended up in dog jail!