Adopted: Andi has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Nine-year-old Andi (formerly Brandi) came to CBCR on time for Valentine’s Day, so appropriate for this sweet affectionate Border Collie. Her back story is that she was purchased to help out with cattle on a farm. As a two-year-old she had started some training to herd cows and then, her owner died. The widow didn’t have much for Andi to do, so she spent the next seven years penned up. That was when her owner decided to let her go to a rescue, to find a new home.

Andi acts like a nine-year-old with the life experience of a two-year-old. She is unsure of many new situations and relies on her human to be a buffer between herself and the world.

She loves people but doesn’t seem to know that dogs are just like her. It makes me think that she may have been separated from her litter at a very young age. As a result, dog introductions should be conducted slowly and with patience.

Andi has a pretty serious heart murmur. This puts her at risk for anesthesia but she has come through two procedures successfully: a dental cleaning and tooth extraction; and a spay surgery. She is now up to date on veterinary care.

Andi rides in the car like a dream and sleeps through the night without a peep (unless of course there is a monster that she needs to tell someone about). She is wonderful about alerting her owners to strange goings-on! She is crate trained but would much rather be right next to her people. She is not destructive and has never had an accident in the house.