Adopted:   Brie has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Brie is one tough cookie! This little Raggedy Ann, slightly cross-eyed, Doll is a lot tougher than her delicate bone structure and small size would lead one to believe. She has been through a lot.

On a cold rainy day in late December of 2019, 3 CBCR volunteers went to evaluate two female Border Collies that had been on their own for quite some time. A Good Samaritan had taken in the two emaciated girls long after their owner, a breeder, had sadly passed away without anyone knowing.

Brie and Sky were brought into the rescue that very day. Brie especially was so happy to have the attention of humans. She is most definitely a people dog!

After gaining sufficient weight, and getting free of parasites, Brie was spayed and had two questionable masses removed. Sadly, these proved to be adenocarcinomas. The good news was that additional tests looking at her lymph nodes and lungs showed no spread. Our veterinarian recommended that she have further diagnostics to determine the next step.

The next step turned out to be a mastectomy. Brie’s surgery was done on April 3rd. At this time, 2 more lumps were removed. On April 15th, the pathology results came back. All good news!! One lump was a fatty tumor and the other non-cancerous. Her oncologist had additional sections examined just to be sure, but no cancer was found. Although there are no guarantees, her prognosis is excellent.

On April 16th, the lampshade and staples were removed and Brie is finally able to find a home of her own. She has been through so much, the rest of her life needs to be pie!

Brie is not a high-drive Border Collie. She loves meeting people, anytime, anywhere, and anyone. Although never around children, Brie would likely be fine with them. She would make a great therapy dog.

Brie lives comfortably with 11 other dogs. Initially, she would growl at the other dogs when they were in her space. Her foster sibs just ignored her. If anyone challenged her, she immediately backed off. She would not know how to fight if another dog took exception. She has recently attempted to play with a couple of her foster mates.

Brie is housetrained and Up-To-Date on everything but will need monitoring for possible cancer recurrence. She would be fine as an only dog but has learned to get along with others. She counter-surfed when she first arrive in her foster home. That stopped after getting regular meals. It may happen again for a bit in a new home.

Brie was adopted briefly to a wonderful home. Here she learned many new tricks and discovered a love for squeaky toys. Unfortunately she quickly became aggressive to the resident cats and was tearfully returned to her foster home.

Brie will not be adopted to a home with cats or any type of invisible fencing.