Adopted:   Jade has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Introducing Jade: This little girl came to CBCR as a stray. I can’t imagine someone not claiming her and wanting her back. But so be it, we are delighted to be fostering her!

Jade weighs 28 lbs which is close to her ideal weight. 3-4 years old, vet says definitely not more than 5 yrs old. She has a sweet, loving personality and all the get up and go that comes along with Border Collie DNA. Jade loves people and other dogs. She loves to watch farm animals. Her perfect day consists of running around with her canine friends, preferable chasing whomever has the frisbee. Jade also loves children. But when they run, jump and squeal, she gets excited and is prone to nip. Therefore she is not a candidate for young children.

Jade spends the night with my other dogs. She politely shares her bed, does not counter surf, nor chew furniture. She has yet to play with a toy. Once inside, she will settle right down. I attribute that to the fact that she gets oodles of exercise outside. I’m pretty sure if it were not for that, she would be anzy in the house.

She wants to be with us and even when we are outside, she will be where we are. She loves to be petted and occasionally will come over just to make sure you haven’t forgotten how. Jade has picked up on words we use around her such as: house, car, this way, supper, stay. Her ‘come here’ is iffy; depending on whether she thinks she may be missing out on something my dogs might do. She will definitely need more training once adopted, she does want to please us if she’s not going to miss out on peripheral excitement involving her canine friends.

Jade is so people friendly that she does not make a good watch dog. She greets visitors with a wagging tail and welcome gestures.

Cats: Unknown, but probably not
Thunder: OK with it. However, the sudden, loud pop of a power hammer will cause her to run anywhere. Me too.
Car: Wants to come up into the front seat. We are working on this and she is getting much better. She has not gotten car sick.


  • A whole lot of love. She thrives on affection and being with her person. She just wants to be a part of the family and participate in their daily activities with them.
  • A whole lot of exercise. A couple of 30 minute daily walks will spell boredom for Jade.
    Also, weekend hikes aren’t enough, she needs abundant daily exercise.
  • Another energetic canine companion would be great to keep her company and play with. Of courses a farm would be the ultimate! She loves to watch farm animals.
  • Jade needs visual stimulation, please do not apply if your property is enclosed with a privacy fence.


An absolutely wonderful, loyal, happy, energetic dog that returns love and kindness many fold. A dog that will love your friends and other dogs. A dog that will cherish your presence. A dog that will not destroy your home. A dog that is not intent on running off. And so much more, not even counting the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous.

Can you tell I love this girl? I do.

Jade is house trained, spayed, heartworm negative, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.