Adopted:  Oslo has found his forever home. We wish him the very best life possible.

Handsome, affectionate, super-smart – yet self-conscious – boy seeks a forever home with an experienced, confident, compassionate adopter.

*Non-negotiable requirements for Oslo’s future home*
Large fenced-in yard
No young kids (preferably no kids)

Oslo (his foster family calls him Ozzie) is a 1-year-old tricolor border collie (or bc mix). We’re not sure of his lineage, but he looks and acts like a border collie. Ozzie is about 32 lbs with a rough textured coat. He bonds tightly with his trusted people, rarely leaving their side throughout the day.

Ozzie has a lot going for him, but a lack of proper socialization and training as a puppy has led to a few awkward behaviors and bad habits. One such bad habit is “nipping” when overstimulated. The nipping usually occurs in single, one-time events and is NOT accompanied by growling, barking, or any outward signs of aggression. Ozzie is somewhat reactive to chaotic movements – be they from people, bikes, or shadows on the ceiling. His reactivity generally takes the form of barking or busy patrols around the house.

Despite these tendencies, Ozzie has so much promise. He is desperate for love and approval and very receptive to verbal correction and calming. He has made incredible strides in the time he has been with his foster family. On arrival, Ozzie was terrified of parked cars and refused to walk past them. Now, he strides by cars with a proud swagger. He used to bark every time the refrigerator door opened, but now he can sit and watch quietly when someone needs to access it. His ability to pick up commands is impressive. His mastered list grows each week. Currently, he knows the following: off, sit, come, stay, down, drop it, and heel.

Ozzie is still learning where he fits in the pack. He needs stability, structure, security, and love – the things most creatures need to thrive. For Ozzie – these things are critical. We are seeking an experienced, committed, confident adopter who understands him; someone who is willing to train him (formally or informally) with compassion rather than dominance. He will need a physically active owner as he is most happy when he gets 4-5 mile walks and lots of playtime outside.

Thunderstorms and rainy days are no issue for Ozzie. He is also fine with most other dogs, as long as they are dog-friendly (he mirrors their behavior). His foster home has one confident female dog and 2 cats. He does fine with the resident animals, though any more than that would likely send him into overstimulation territory. He would probably be fine with other dog-savvy cats, but life would be easier without cats to antagonize him through fences or doors.

Ozzie is house-broken and is well-behaved indoors. He enjoys playing gentle games of tug and tossing around unstuffed plush toys. He has a solid “off switch”. If you need to get desk work done or want to watch a tv program – he will simply lay on the floor near you. It is not recommended that Ozzie be placed in a home that entertains visitors or hosts parties.

It will likely take Ozzie several weeks to adjust to any new home. Adopters interested in him need to be prepared for an adjustment period and committed to providing the things Ozzie needs to thrive. Adopters should be flexible in training and handling Ozzie; what worked for previous pets may or may not work for Ozzie.

Ozzie is a great little dog with lots of love to give and tons of potential. We suspect he had an unfortunate start in life and needs a committed adopter to believe in him and meet his needs.