Adopted:   Rio has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.


Rio will be spayed on May 17.

She has finally stopped chewing on things she shouldn’t, although she does relocate socks and shoes.

She is starting to run and play outside but often stops in the middle of play and runs in the house and hides. It’s so heartwarming to see her bounce around playing.

When we first started fostering her, she had to be carried out to the yard to go potty. She now goes out by herself. She has never had an accident in the house. She also does not dig in the trash or counter surf. In the morning, she licks my face to tell me she needs to go out. We have tried a kennel a few times, but she is absolutely terrified of it. She sleeps all night on a doggie bed in our room.

She has gone from not even walking a little bit on a leash (we carried her everywhere) to being able to take a walk! She gets better every day and starting to get excited about her walk even! Big progress!

Rio is smart and trainable with treats. She gives lots of cuddles and kisses. She’s starting to feel safe and loved. This shows because I’ve caught her several times sleeping on her back with her paws out. She is not very vocal. We’ve only heard her bark once. She is overall an adorable and sweet pup.

Rio is being fostered in Goose Creek, SC.

Rio is a healthy, beautiful pup. She came to CBCR a stray from a shelter. She is estimated to be about 2 years old but might be a little younger than that. When she first arrived at her foster home, she was very frightened and had to be carried everywhere. She has come so far in just a couple weeks! After a good grooming, soft gorgeous fur appeared. And this little girl is a cuddle bug with so much love to give! She is now running all over the big backyard, playing, and eating healthy meals. Rio gets along great with her foster sister, a 2 year old deaf border collie. She is starting to play tug and roll on her back. Rio needs some more time in her foster home before she will be available for adoption. She learns fast but has several manners to work on like chewing on the wrong things & jumping on you. Also, Rio needs to be spayed and will be scheduled soon.

Keep your eye out for this amazing dog!