Adopted: Tassie has found her forever home. We wish her the very best life possible.

Called Munchkin and Tasmanian Devil by her foster parents, Tassie is just the most adorable little girl! Her sweet face will melt your heart.

Tassie came into CBCR with eight, 5-month-old puppies. CBCR doesn’t often get puppies so we were excited to have this little family and fosters were quickly found. Of course, be careful what you wish for, as we soon discovered Tassie was pregnant. At just 5 years old, this would be her 4th, (and final), litter.

As before, Tassie was a great mother to her new puppies. After they were weaned and she recovered a bit, she was spayed and then treated for heartworm. Finally, at 6 years old, she can be a puppy herself, and she is milking it for all she is worth.

The Munchkin is spoiled rotten, all the fault of her foster father whom she adores. She is definitely a people dog although will be very shy at first meetings. She lives with 10 other dogs and has tried to boss them all. At 25 pounds, she fails to intimidate. Any resistance results in her immediate submission.

Tassie is housetrained and crate trained. She is not a chewer but was introduced to the gourmet pleasures of paper by two of her foster siblings. One must keep important documents out of her reach. She will take treats gently.

She is a wonderful little girl……………but:

  1. She is very needy. She wants to be with her person and have that person pet her a lot. (She does not suffer from separation anxiety. She can be left un-crated when alone.)
  2. During heartworm treatment, she learned to walk well on a leash. Now she needs a refresher.
  3. She knows some basic commands but could use a lot more training. Foster mom has taught her sit, wait, and not to jump up, but, foster dad……………..well…
  4. Untested with kids and cats.
  5. Must be allowed to sleep in the bed with her family….an absolute must!!
  6. No invisible fences or any kind of shock training allowed.
  7. Tassie has no Border Collie characteristics and likely no Border Collie in her genes. We feel she is mostly an Australian Cattle Dog with a dash of several other breeds including Papillon.
  8. She lives comfortably with many other dogs but will not be a buddy to a dog.

Please do not apply for Tassie unless you understand 1-8 above and are willing to spend a good amount of time training her. Please do not apply if you are looking for a buddy for one of your dogs or, if you are looking for a Border Collie.