Tucker has been adopted.

Tucker (formerly Asia) is a 2-year-old full blooded Border Collie. Sweet as can be, friendly to people and dogs. Said to be OK with cats, although we don’t have cats so I can’t confirm that. She is fast, athletic and sharp as a tack. Willing to learn and easy to teach.

This little girl grew up in a farm environment and is used to lots of space to keep track of. And like many Border Collies raised in that environment, can be trusted off leash once their bonds are made and boundaries established.

In the house, she settles down nicely. However, if inside for a substantial amount of time, she gets bored; although not destructive. Being stuck in the house while her family is at work all day would be very hard for her. Free access to the outside would be best. She shows no interest with toys. Although a big meaty bone is right up her alley!

Tucker thrives on attention from humans. She is very loving and hard to resist. Always wants to know where you are, what you’re up to and just wants to be at your side. She loves to play with her canine friends, to run and explore. She would be happiest on a farm or in a home with a substantial amount of property (No chickens!) and of course a playful canine buddy would be great. Please do not apply if you have a privacy fence, she’s needs the mental stimulation of sight like most dogs do.

She’s not a couch potato, and a couple of walks a day won’t cut the mustard for her. She rides well in the car. She doesn’t care for loud, sudden booms, she doesn’t freak out but does come to the back porch pronto and lays by the door. She will get in the trash can and want to lay on the sofa and bed. Both are taboo here, but she just can’t resist the temptation if you’re not paying attention. She is not a barker.

Tucker is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, housetrained, microchipped and heartworm negative.

Someone will be very fortunate to be Tucker’s best friend. She has certainly stolen our hearts. Her foster mom will be looking for a very special home for this love bug. Please apply only if you feel you can meet her needs as stated above. She will return your love and love for life may fold! She is ready to rock and roll! Her foster mom welcomes any questions; email is below.