Mia has been adopted.

Hi. My name is Mia (formerly known as Athena). I am looking for a sports home where I can do agility, herding, FastCAT, BarnHunt and maybe dock diving. I am a 10-11 months old female and I LOVE to chase the flirt pole toy, love to tug, and love to cuddle. I have been around dogs – the ones that are neutral and friendly are great fun, especially if they love to run. (I like to herd!) I have met other less-dog-friendly dogs through the fence and I don’t quite understand what they are saying to me, but I don’t talk back at them or engage. I am a very small Border Collie, and I run as fast as a Whippet, but can turn on a dime like a Border Collie. My foster Mom thinks I am a real gem and will be somebody’s dream sports dog. She likes the white patch on my right side that looks like a dolphin jumping out of the water. I am a ball of energy, but really want to please and have a lot of drive. If you are looking for your next sport dog, please consider giving me a home!