Zoo has been adopted.

Zoi (formerly known as Dahlia) is a mix between the biggest bundle of raw energy and the biggest sweet cuddle bug!

She’s on the hunt for an active family with a fenced yard that will engage her in lots of mental and physical exercise daily, because without that she has no “off switch”. Once tired she will snuggle at your feet, beside you, or even ON you if you’ll let her. Her two favorite things are belly rubs and treats – she’ll tap dance with her front paws as she anticipates a treat!

Zoi loves to play with toys, especially treat puzzles and balls. She gets along with everyone, both 2 and 4-legged alike. She does well in car and crate – but usually requires a bribe to enter crate, and needs to work on not pulling when leashed. She just gets so excited!

Zoi is learning to sit and seems very intelligent. She needs a family that will continue working on basic training (come/stay/down/etc.) and manners (jumping/licking/begging), as she doesn’t really have either. While good with children, she loves to jump up when excited or spies food, and her high energy may scare small children.