Jade has been adopted.

Jade came to CBCR as a stray. She had parked herself on a porch where she could monitor the pastured horses and keep the cat captive in the barn loft. I can’t imagine someone not missing and searching for her. But, we are delighted to be fostering Jade.

She is likely a full blooded Border Collie; just a little girl, 29 lbs and that weight works well for her. 4 to 5 yrs old is the vet’s guess. She has a sweet, loving personality and the energy that comes with the breed. She loves people and gets along well with other dogs. Strangers are immediately her friend.

Jade has an intense herding and prey drive. This intense focus actually rules how she “plays”: She, herself, will not run after a ball or stick. But she will run and focus on her canine friends who are; and from there execute some sort of intervention. She has no interest in toys and she exhibits no resource guarding with her food.

She is a fast learner alright and knows a number of words. With one exception: She knows she is not allowed on the sofa, but will try to pull it off regardless. But even so, this fluff ball is a joy to have around and asks for very little. She settles in the house nicely if she has been adequately exercised outside.

Things Jade loves to do: Curling up in a bed or basket with sides. Lying at your feet while you are doing anything quiet. Staring at animals. Following you off leash.

Things Jades does not love: Walking on a leash (but she’s OK at it). Big crowds of exuberant, extrovert dogs who come running up to her. Slippery floors.

Jade will go in a crate, but since she is not destructive, I have never closed the door.

As for the car: Oh hum. Rides terrible. Wants to come up front and hasten the demise of the occupants. I have not seriously addressed this so the adopter will need to have a plan. She does like to ride, and so far I have been getting by closing one end of the leash in the car door.

One huge plus: Jade is not a roamer. She happily stays by the house in the yard with no reminders.

This little girl would not be happy in an apartment. She needs free access to a decent size back yard to run and watch things. Farm animals to watch would be perfect, chickens would do if she cannot get to them. A privacy fence would not be great, neither would young children.

Jade has been one of most favorite foster dogs. We love her to death. If you think you and she could warm each other souls with tons of love, fun and exercise, this gorgeous Border Collie may be a good match. (Gotta say though, her foster Mom is going to be super picky.)

Jade comes spayed, UTD on vaccinations, heartworm negative, and microchipped.