Murphy has been adopted.

Introducing Murphy-puppy (approximately 5 months old). His foster family has been getting to know him over the past couple weeks. He is a love bug and was almost completely house trained when he arrived. Someone took loving care of him and gave him a good start on life. We will never know why he ended up in a shelter.

Murphy has the beautiful markings of a Border Collie but is more easy-going than a typical Border Collie puppy. Whatever he is, breed-wise, he is really smart. If his owner wanted to take him through formal training, he would be a fun dog to work with.

He is buddy-buddy with the other young male Border Collie in his foster home. Playing and wrestling are Murphy’s favorite activities. After a good romp, taking a nap might be his second favorite. If you sit down with him, he will drape himself across your lab. He is at a perfect age to bond with his forever family.

Murphy may be able to learn to live with other animals since he does not exhibit much prey drive. At this point though, he has not been tested with cats.

Plan on typical puppy mischief! He has toilet-papered our house a couple times. His foster mom has finally learned to put the toilet paper out of reach. Ha, ha. And counter-surfing……………… don’t get me started! And put your shoes out of reach!

Murphy has a neuter appointment set up for August 31st and he needs a couple puppy shot boosters. Other than that, he is up to date with veterinary care. He will be available for adoption in early September, after he has recovered from his surgery.