Sam has been adopted.

Sam is a 1 year old Border Collie picked up as a stray by Burke County Animal Services, so not much is known about where he came from or what his life was like before he was rescued. The folks at the shelter affectionately called him “Mr. Sweet Pea” during his stay with them. He was given his vaccines at the shelter and then released to CBCR for his journey to his foster home across the state.

He is a very sweet dog and seeks out affection from anyone and everyone. He is an active dog and is happiest when running around outside in the backyard or going for a walk. We are still working on his manners on leash, but he LOVES to go for walks and gets excited when he sees the leash come out. Once he gets to know his people, he is comfortable settling in the evenings. He picked up basic commands quickly, and with some patience he can certainly learn much more.

Sam has settled in nicely at his foster home. We were all so surprised by how eager he was to jump in a car to come along for a ride. Initially, it took a few days for him to feel settled. He has been playing with our own 5yr old BC in the backyard and really likes to romp around with her with all the energy he has! He would do best in a wooden or chain link fenced yard (not hidden) so he can run around without worry. He doesn’t seem to react to thunderstorms. He does have strong herding instincts, and when he is around another dog he will want to circle them. This may be a nuisance to other dogs that are in the home (or cats). He has met older children (9-11yrs old) on leash and has had no problems.

Special needs:  Somewhere along the line, something bad happened to Sam’s tail. It was yanked hard enough that the spine separated right at the base of his tail. The good news is that he is not suffering any pain from his injury. The bad news is that when he is particularly happy about something, he can’t wag his tail. The nerves were also damaged leaving him with no anal tone. He is not experiencing incontinence at this time, but that might become an issue as he ages. If you are interested in adopting Sam, be sure to visit with your veterinarian about this potential problem. Metamucil to add extra fiber to his diet has helped keep him regular and prevent a mess when relieving himself, as well as keeping his seat well groomed. It is possible that a diaper might be in Sam’s future should incontinence become an issue.

Sam has been through a lot and deserves a wonderful forever home!