Pete has been adopted.

Hi, my name is Pete (formerly known as Skeeter). I am about 2 years old. I am about the sweetest Border Collie you could ever meet. I LOVE people and being petted! I LOVE hanging out with people in the house and would be a great fit for someone who works from home. I am house-trained, crate-trained, and walk great on a leash. However, when I see other dogs I haven’t met, I really, really want to meet them! I am very friendly when I meet them, but maybe a bit too enthusiastic. I would LOVE another dog to play with in my new home! I would even do well at daycare. If another dog tells me off, I listen very well and adjust my play style accordingly. I don’t guard food or toys and am very respectful of other dogs’ space. I like to run and chase another dog, but I really like being inside with people the most. I need a home where I will live inside and just be let out to potty and play. I also need a fenced yard with a tall fence, because I like to chase squirrels. Like many Border Collies, I am very afraid of loud noises, like thunder or gunshots. I have gotten much better with some medication, but I need to be put in a sturdy crate when there is a thunderstorm so I don’t hurt myself. I am very smart and biddable, and I know how to sit politely for petting.