Alfie has been adopted.

1 December 2023 – Alfie’s bio has been updated.

Alfie is an estimated 11-month-old, neutered male border collie that got picked up as a stray in York County, SC. He is a sweet boy who is full of gentle love and goofiness.

In terms of size, he is currently pretty small at about 28 lbs and shorter in stature. At this point, his age is really just a guess at 11 months to 1 year old, so it’s really unknown how much more he might grow. He has the classic black and white medium-length coat and surprisingly, he does not seem to shed. He also has very small tufts of red hair behind his ears, his foster mom calls them his cute little quirks.

Alfie is still learning how to be in a house full time, it doesn’t seem like he spent much time inside in his previous life. He has made so much progress since being in foster and has learned to love and trust humans after a little bit of time. Once he’s deemed you a safe person, he will wag his tail so hard that his booty wiggles back and forth and will give you a little kiss to show affection. He is an absolute cuddle bug and loves to curl up with his humans in the big bed or the couch for a snooze.

He loves to play and chase outside, play balls, run around and around the pool table inside, and play with toys and bones just like a regular puppy. He hip hops around the yard like he’s prancing and does very well respecting the fence boundaries in this foster home.

Alfie has done excellent with crate training and happily goes in there at night and other times when he needs a quiet, safe place. He is potty trained and has only had 1 accident in the house since being in his foster home.

Overall, Alfie is a super sweet, loving, gorgeous young border collie who needs a home with quiet patience, gentle love, and understanding while he learns to trust the world and build his confidence. He would do well with another more mature dog to play with and learn from. He has had a few resource guarding issues as well, so he needs a home that is willing to work through that or a home where he would be the only dog. He is also cat crazy so he would not do well in a home with cats either.

Alfie was recently neutered and is completely up-to-date on his vaccinations.