Eva has been adopted.

Eva (formerly Ava) is a real sweetie and she will steal your heart. She is very focused on her person and will follow you everywhere. If you prefer your privacy and like to go to the bathroom by yourself, she is not the dog for you. Her attachment makes her a great off-leash dog but her excitement manifest itself by her excessively trying to jump on you. We are working with her on breaking this habit but her new person needs to be steady on his/her feet and able to keep working with her on it.

She has also been seen counter surfing and chewing on unwanted items, so she really has still a lot of “puppiness”to her and needs consistent direction and training.

Eva loves other dogs and children. She is good with cats inside the house but if a cat runs from her outside her prey drive gets the better of her. So a home with cats is not recommended unless to an experienced owner.