Beau has been adopted.

Beau is blossoming into a great Border Collie. He is only a year and a half old and is leaving his old neglected life behind and running to attention and fun!

Beau loves attention and seeks it constantly. We are working with sitting beside not on, as well as jumping, he just wants to hug you. But is learning that when you sit you get all the pets. Due to his eagerness to greet people I would not recommend he be with younger children. He is very unsure of men, loves all the women but barks and is standoffish with men.

Beau was just unsure of the cat in the home, but has turned from watching to herding to stalking, so i would recommend a cat free home. He loves running with my dog, more interested in running then chasing a ball. He does nip my dogs back legs like he is herding her when she is playing ball.

Beau is very skinny but is nicely putting on weight with regular meals. I think he had to fight for food. I am feeding him in a slow down bowl. He gets so excited at meal times, but is catching onto sitting for his bowl to be set down. He is not food aggressive to people but will snap if a dog comes to his bowl. And we are working on taking a treat nicely, i drop or toss him a treat.

He rings a bell on the doorknob if he wants to go outside. Beau LOVES his crate, goes in when you say crate and has never barked or whined. He really loves when he gets a bone or kong.

If an emergency vehicle goes by Beau loves to join in!

Beau is not a fan of cleaning day, he will run to his crate when you pull out the vacuum or even the broom.

We are working on walking on a leash, he tends to panic when he collar has pressure put on it. I am using and would recommend a martingale collar.

Beau is a true Border Collie but with a walk and running and playing in the yard to wear him out, he settles in for cuddles on the couch. He would do great in an active home with another dog.