Miss Boo has been adopted.

Miss Boo is 5 years old and a gentle, sweet girl.

Miss Boo came into rescue when her owner became too elderly to care for her. When we received her she had a UTI, severe dehydration, nutritional deficit, pain, and seemed to be mourning. She had been through so much losing her owner, home and then in the shelter and hospital. She has improved so much yet is still in recovery.

She loves the outdoors and loves sitting on the porch/deck (especially with you) and listening to sounds of nature and watching nature. She loves a leisurely walk in the neighborhood and wondering around in the backyard. She is not hardwired in recall and may wander slowly away from you until she becomes bonded. For this reason, she would do best with a fenced yard. She slowly warms up to you, more easily to females than males. Her crate is her safe place when she wants some space so we leave it open and she is free to go there and come out as she wants. Once she develops trust she will easily come inside, go outside, go to bed/kennel and come to eat. She does not have any reaction to thunder. She notices fireworks but they are not too big a deal for her. Boo becomes anxious in the car, at the vet and during a bath but is cooperative with all of those things. She sleeps through the night and wakes quietly in the morning.

She has never shown any aggression even with all the medication administration and vet exams she had initially. She does not resource guard food, people or our house. She does not react to people or dogs she passes on her walk.

Due to her osteoarthritis and past knee injury, Boo is on medication to manage her pain. She is improving in her mobility in response to the meds and some exercise however, at this time, she cannot jump into a car or on a bed/sofa. She is very content on a nice soft dog bed in her sleeping room and in the den. She is a bit overweight so her diet is structured to help her lose weight. She is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, heartworm negative and microchipped.

Miss Boo is looking for her new forever person or family that will have that special heart for her and allow her some time to adjust to her new family. She is a companion dog. She is not a dog for those looking for a running partner, hiking partner, agility or a playful dogs for kids (Therefore needs a home without kids or much older kids). She will tolerate dogs and will live just fine with those that do not invade her space or expect to play. She would do well with an older dog sibling. She has not been cat tested at this time. At this time, she needs an environment that is somewhat quiet and calm although we are seeing more and more of her spontaneous playfulness. Just like most Border Collies, she needs stimulation and appropriate activity. Boo would love a home that has at least one person at home or one person working remotely/retired. She loves being with her person. She doesn’t mind being at home alone while you have errands or an activity to go to.

We expect Boo to continue to make improvements with her pain decreasing and her mobility improving. Her tail is wagging now and her personality is returning!