Flicka has been adopted.

UPDATE: 11-12-23 – Some new photos of Flicka with her fur growing back out.

Special Needs Dog:

Hi! I’m Flicka, I know I don’t look like a Border Collie, because I’m not. I’m more of everything but the kitchen sink . I’m 5 years old. CBCR took me in following from a hoarding situation, I love people! I’m crate trained, house trained, a snuggle bug for sure! I ride really well in the car, and I also like walking on leash although I sometimes pull a bit, but not real hard. I do best outside with a fence or on leash, foster mom says I’m too curious to trust out loose (NO invisible fences!) Two things I don’t like are heartworms, yeah I am finally almost done with the treatment for them, and cats, my foster mom promised me a home without cats. The few times I’ve been around little kids, I’ve done well. I like all big people too. I don’t do well with other dogs, so I would need to be your only pup. I will be available for adoption in September when I’m done with my heartworm treatment.

Oh my I forgot my coat is pretty short now, but will be longer. When I first came to CBCR, I was told my coat was so matted that my mats had mats… So had to have it all cut off.

Can I be your one and only?

In all fairness I have to let it be known that Flicka and another foster pup did get in a fight with the resident dog after being here several months, and the resident dog was injured.

I’ve been keeping Flicka away from the resident pup,and the foster puppy went to another foster home, and that has gone well. I will not approve an adoption that has cats or dogs in the home.