Zephyr has been adopted.

Meet Zepyhr (formerly Keats). A spunky, energetic, 7-month-old Aussie who is all puppy and sees the world as his oyster. He is very smart, learns quickly, is food motivated, and is eager to experience life. Zepyhr is looking for a place to call home where he can spend all his time with his family. He is ready to go conquer the world or hang out, with you, on the couch. And don’t worry, if Zepyhr becomes part of your family, you’ll never have to go to the bathroom alone again!

Just like the rest of us, Zepyhr is not perfect.

One of his ears is smaller than the other and it is hard to determine if this was caused by an injury or if he was born this way, either way, it just adds to his cuteness. Zepyhr also had a rough go of things at a very young age and in June, of this year, found himself in the shelter with injuries to his back legs. His left leg healed fine but the right leg was not treated timely so it did not heal properly resulting in it not having 100% function. Funny thing is, nobody told Zepyhr that anything is wrong! He runs hard on his 3 legs and is rather quick keeping up with his foster brother and sister. He loves to wrestle with his foster BC brother and he loves to play with all the toys.

This boy may best be described as an active Velcro dog. He wants to be with you all the time and if you can be together while doing something active he will be a happy boy. Zepyhr could do well with another active dog but would likely also be happy as your only one. He has not been tested with children or cats but could likely acclimate to either.

On a side note, if you have interest or experience with scent work, Zepyhr may be perfect for you. When he detects a scent he wants, he will not stop until it is found. He is working on basic commands and manners, is doing really well with learning loose leash walking, rides great in the car, and is nearly housebroken except for the occasional oops. Don’t tell him I told you but sometimes he has a little excitement tinkle; he should outgrow that soon. He has shown no tendencies toward fear of thunder or loud noises with the recent storms we’ve had.

Zepyhr is scheduled for his neuter on Sept. 14th so he will be ready to go to his new home once healed.

We need to disclose two things about Zepyhr.

1.  At his first foster home, Zepyhr was involved in a fight with 2 adult dogs in which one of them was injured.  It is difficult to know Zepyhr’s level of participation, but he was there.  Since he has been in his current foster home, with 2 adult Border Collies, there have not been any fights.

2. Zepyhr’s injured leg will likely require surgery in the future.  Both of his legs were broken with one not healing properly.  The orthopedic vet felt Zepyhr should be allowed to grow more before making the determination on surgery.  As of today, he functions well and shows no signs of pain.  The injury does not slow him down.