Luke has been adopted.

Introducing one terrific dog named Luke. We think Luke is around 2.5 years old and to be a Border Collie mix. He comes with a friendly, energetic and lovable disposition…and he’s good looking too! Luke is at ease with both people and other dogs, without an aggressive bone in his body. He wants to be with his person, he always knows where I am and stays close by.

Luke came to CBCR not housetrained and without knowing any words. Fast forward: housetraining was easy and Luke knows a lot of words. However, he does not always follow through with commands as quickly as his foster Mom would like. He has a stubborn streak and obviously never had to answer to anyone! His adopter should expect to follow through with training.

Luke’s favorite past time is running zoomies through the hay field with his canine friends. First, he very politely asks his canine friends to play with a play bow.. Luke does like you to toss the ball for him, but not forever. He would rather explore and do zoomies.

During the day, Luke is outside with his person; and when it’s the end of the day and time to come inside, he settles down nicely and sleeps through the night. He is not crate trained, but a crate is not necessary because he is not destructive in the house. He will whine when his foster Mom runs errands and leaves him by himself, but he is perfectly fine when he is with other dogs. He does not care for loud noises like the lawn mower, but does not go berserk.

Luke walks well on a leash and is not reactive to other dogs, even when they are barking at him. This little guy exhibits no resource guarding at meal time. Rides well in the car.

He does not have the crazy, relentless energy of a purebred Border Collie. But still requires a good bit of exercise…meaning a couple of walks a day won’t cut the mustard and will end up driving you nuts. He is not suited for a condo/apt. Also, a privacy fence would do him no favors as he needs the visual stimulation of his surroundings.

Luke can be exuberant when he plays and runs, therefore I think children would feel intimidated. Since he chases and sometimes captures, squirrels, rabbits and groundhogs, I would not trust him with cats.

One huge plus for Luke is that he is not prone to run off. He is very respectful of his boundaries.

He comes up to date on vaccinations, neutered, heartworm negative and microchipped.

This little guy can steal your heart in an instant. He will make a lucky person their best, most trusted and lovable friend. His foster Mom sure got sucked in. Please apply only if you have a ton of love to return to Luke, a big, big yard and, hopefully a buddy for him to play with.