Pippa has been adopted.

Pippa is a flashy, energetic, two-year-old Cattle Dog mix. She was surrendered to a shelter in Mocksville by owners who did not provide her with the socialization she needed as a puppy. After being in foster for several weeks, Pippa assembled a sad little toy pile consisting of 3 rocks and a stick. She is now learning to play with balls, frisbees, and fuzzy toys. She warms up to women quickly but fears and barks at men and is triggered by young children at play. Her high prey drive could make her a danger to all but the savviest house cat. She is still too overstimulated on a leash to be walked any distance (sniffs the ground, scans environment compulsively) but refocuses readily to a handler offering treats and saying her name. Her foster is reinforcing training regimens established during work with professional trainers. Being a Work in Progress, Pippa will need an experienced, patient adopter who lives within 60 miles of Pittsboro, NC (so that person may work with her foster and a local trainer to transfer training protocols and establish trust).

Pippa responds to low-key attention (plus treats) and force-free training (plus treats) with affectionate enthusiasm. She twists in the air like a pretzel to avoid jumping up on people she knows. Pippa is highly treat motivated, has good recall, and responds to Sit, Stay, Off, Leave it, and Find it. She is not concerned about noises (gunshots, lightning, fireworks). She jumps into a car voluntarily and rides quietly. Pippa takes long naps between play periods and sleeps through the night at the foot of her foster’s bed. She gets along with some dogs but not others. (She pushed open a gate to run a neighbor’s dog off the property by lunging, growling, and issuing warning bites to the neck scruff) She guards her food and chew toys and must be fed separately from other pets. She does not counter-surf or beg for food at the table. She is bonded strongly to her foster and will likely need extended time and multiple short visits to transition and feel secure in a new home.

This home should include a good-sized, well-fenced yard for Pippa to patrol for critters and to work off her anxiety by running full speed around and around — and around. She will thrive in a structured environment — regular feeding times, familiar routines, and consistent commands. When unfamiliar guests or repair people come, Pippa can be consigned to the outdoors or closed in a separate room with a peanut butter-filled marrow bone.

Pippa is bright and quick to learn. The adopter who appreciates her intensity and understands her needs will be rewarded with abundant love and loyalty.

To learn more about Pippa, email Ellen Pearson in Pittsboro NC at pearson9184@gmail.com.

If you have submitted an adoption application to CBCR within the last three years and you have not moved, please contact the foster parent before submitting another application.  The foster parent will let you know if another application is required.