Simba has been adopted.

Hi! This is Simba. He’s a 3-year-old Border Collie / Aussie mix.

Simba’s resume, in no particular order:

Simba is extremely smart, attentive, and very lovable.

Simba is energetic when he’s in alert mode and loves his toys and tugging games.

He has shown amazing discretion. He ONLY chews his designated toys.

He is surprisingly calm when in that mode and sleeps through the night.

Simba has clearly been trained in the past and can sit, stay, lie down, settle (rest his chin on the floor).

He’s food-motivated and very quick to learn. He has had a lot of success with positive reinforcement training.

Loud noises and thunder don’t bother him.

He really is remarkably handsome and charming. He does that impossibly cute thing where he tilts his head to listen when you talk with him.

Simba is not good with cats. He is not aggressive, but relentlessly pesters the cat. Simba needs to be in a cat-free house.

He enjoys the company of other dogs. When with another dog, he will play bow and leap. He has never been known to be aggressive with other dogs, but his play is very energetic and may overwhelm a smaller dog.

With people, he is overjoyed to make anyone’s acquaintance and doesn’t seem to have any prejudices that we can tell regarding size, gender, or uniform. In his enthusiasm, occasionally he will jump straight up to deliver a kiss. We are working with him on that, and he is making progress.

Simba is completely housetrained and has not had any accidents in the house.

He is fully vaccinated and is up to date on his flea/tick and heartworm meds.