Wylie has been adopted.

Wylie has to be one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs you will encounter. From day one, she was happy to meet her foster family, including another anxious Border Collie in the home, and just settled right in. Wylie is consistently calm, has shown no anxieties, and just really wants to be near her people. She LOVES being outside often preferring the fenced yard to being inside. She is learning to play (did not seem to understand the concept upon arrival) and has recently started testing out toys and balls. Her favorite game is fetch but not in the way you think…the other Border Collie chases the ball and Wylie chases him! After a few days with her foster family, Wylie decided it was ok to communicate through the cutest little howl and even has short howling conversations with her foster dog brother.

Wylie came to CBCR from an animal shelter in north central NC after being brought in as a stray. Her shelter intake reports that she appeared to be recently groomed (shaved) but her coat seems to be starting to grow and it will be exciting to see her full coat in a few months. She is a healthy girl, well with the exception of a couple broken teeth which are scheduled to be all fixed on June 2nd. It’s not really easy to be certain, but the vet feels quite sure that Wylie has been spayed. Wylie has not shown any resource guarding and has a very gentle mouth when taking treats. She has not been tested with children or cats (there just aren’t any around the foster home) but she has been great with people and other dogs and it’s hard to imagine she would treat cats or children any differently. Now, the raccoon that shows up on the porch at night…well…he deserves to be barked at for his trespassing.

Wylie will be a great companion dog for someone willing to open their heart and home to her. She knows some simple commands and listens well. At an open fence gate, she was told no one time and never attempted to go out alone again. She stays with us, off leash, in the front and has been very good at recall so far. Wylie is quickly learning to walk on leash and is working on the kennel as going in is not her favorite. Once in the kennel though, she is calm and quiet through the night.

Will you consider adding Wylie to your family?