Finley has been adopted.

Finley is a gorgeous two-year-old Border Collie mix with special needs. He was dropped off at an animal shelter in 2022, when he was a young pup, just three to four months old and I have a suspicion that he was relinquished due to his “special condition”. He had diarrhea.

Within days of coming in to our rescue group, he was adopted. That will attest to just how wonderful this pup is. He was adopted by his veterinarian who was well positioned to take on Finley’s special needs challenge. For over a year she and consulting specialists tried to solve the problem, unfortunately, with no success. The conclusion was that this wonderful dog, who is otherwise happy and healthy, may have to live out the rest of his life with his condition. Since the diarrhea was not going to be cured, it became more of a management challenge and Finley’s adopter was not set up to handle this on a long-term basis, so he is back in foster care.

In foster care, his special needs have been met by:
1. Feeding a prescription diet of Royal Canin Ultamino at a cost of about $6.00 a day.
2. Living in a rural setting where clean-up is easy
3. Living with a pack of friendly canine companions
4. Regular access to the outdoors

Except for that one little thing, Finley is perfect (well, he is a little obsessive/compulsive). He attacks a broom, a rake or a leaf blower with great gusto. In other words, if you want to do some yard work, he is best left inside. Of course, this also works as a great recall trick. If he is in the far reaches of the yard (we have 5 acres) and you want him to come to you quickly, all you have to do is to start sweeping the walk-way and instantly he is “on the job” to stop that broom.

He is a sweet, funny boy, who has lived with cats, is good with dogs and is every human’s friend. He is completely up to date on veterinary care and neutered.