Milo has been adopted.

Hi! My name is Milo! I am a goofy, happy, loveable boy. I am a 1-2 year old border collie/Australian shepherd mix (Wisdom Panel results will be shared with my adopter). I have been microchipped, neutered, vaccinated, and have a very pretty, slightly wavy, coat. I love to go on walks and meet my neighbors (curious and pleasant with nearly all humans, dogs, and cats we’ve met).

I was rescued by Carolina Border Collie Rescue in January 2024 from an overcrowded South Carolina shelter—animal control brought me there as a stray, so nothing is known about my early history. I’m currently living in my foster home in North Raleigh with my foster mom and foster sister-dog. My mom works mostly from home, which I really like. My sister is 5 and a CBCR alum, so she’s been showing me the ropes for the past few months. I’m fully recovered from giardia, an upper respiratory infection, and my neuter surgery.

Some of my favorite things are breakfast, dinner, treats, walks, wrestling with my sister, chewing on antlers, and playing with toys—sometimes I even throw them into the air for myself, which mom thinks is hilarious. I am a very affectionate boy and love giving kisses. Atypically for a border collie, I don’t try to herd the vacuum, and am only mildly reactive to loud sounds.

I go into my crate when asked (and offered a treat). Mom typically asks me to crate up when she’ll be gone over an hour, but I have proven that I am trustworthy to have free range in the house for short periods of time. I am fully house-trained. I ring the bells on the door when I need to go out and have never had an accident in my foster house, even when I had horrible giardia diarrhea.

I’m learning to not jump or paw at people, to sit when asked, to get my teeth brushed, to behave for grooming, to walk nicely on a leash (I have a new harness that mom thinks is helping me to pull less), and to eat like I’m not starving (I also have a new slow feeder bowl that is keeping me from finishing my meals so quickly). I need at least an hour of walking and/or engaged playtime every day. Like most young dogs, I can be a bit of a wild man when I don’t get enough exercise. I can be a bit stubborn, but since I’m very food-motivated, that helps with training.

I’m very healthy, overall, but do suffer from motion sickness. I have a prescription for a medicine called Cerenia that I get in a yummy pill pocket 2-3 hours before any car rides, even very short ones. My current dose keeps me from vomiting, but I do still drool very heavily. My new family may want to talk with their vet about modifying my dose to see if that helps more. It is also possible that I will grow out of this with time. Because of my carsickness, approved meet-and-greets will be held at a park near my foster home.